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Front support outriggers for trucks

Front support leg arrangement type CTT-F02-50T

The front support leg arrangement is designed for mounting in the front of the vehicle, where necessary chassis reinforcement is provided for the chassis frame to accommodate the loads that will occur.

Depending on the crane size and the amount of the ballast, CT Trading provides the front support leg arrangement and full stability 360 degrees around.
CT Trading front support leg arrangement is designed to absorb a load of 50 tons SWL.

CT Trading front support leg arrangement can be used up until a crane size of approx. 175 Tm, but final crane size, depends on the actual design of the individual vehicle, as well as the actual chassis calculation.


  • Vertical capacity is 50 tons SWL
  • Horizontal capacity is 5 tons SWL
  • CTT-F02-50T meets the requirements of DS / EN 12999: 2011
  • CTT-F02-50T meets the requirements of Directive 2006/42 / EC “Machinery Directive”
  • CTT-F02-50T meets the requirements of the Vehicle Retail Regulations
  • The CTT-FC01-50T front support leg is delivered ready for transport
  • The front traverse CTT-FT01-50T is supplied with powder coated, zinc primed and black top paint
  • Front screen CTT-FS01-50T is supplied in untreated in seawater resistant aluminum
  • Traction brackets are included, which are designed for 6.5 tons SWL per unit.
  • Towing brackets, bottom plates and fittings for electrical contact are supplied or galvanized
  • Detailed assembly instructions are provided
  • The CTT-F02-50T front support leg arrangement can be used for all truck manufacturers.

Reinforcement of chassis frame

Reinforcement of the chassis frame under the cab must be carried out, when the front support legs are mounted. Depending on the crane size, the load on the front support leg can be up to 50 tons. For example, when testing a 92 Tm. crane the measure is approx. 35 tons of leg support.

Calculation, design, development and construction

If you need calculations or construction of structures on trucks or special vehicles, we at STENSBO ENGINEERING are the experts to help you, please feel free to contact us:


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