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Hydraulically detachable crane console system

Hydraulically detachable crane console system type CTT-HV1-xxx for quick removal of cranes, mounted behind the cab

  • The console system can be supplied in the following 5 sizes CTT-HV1-240, CTT-HV1-310, CTT-HV1-380, CTT-HV1-470 and CTT-HV1-550.
  • The crane console system can be used up to 90 Tm cranes.
  • The crane console system is locked and released by a hydraulic cylinder located in the middle of the crane.
  • There is a big difference between the individual cranes’ tension in the foundation bolts, as this depends on the geometry of the crane foundation.
  • CT Trading calculates in each case which console is best suited for the current crane, so that you are absolutely sure that the console system dilevered has the correct capacity.
  • The bracket system is easy to install and virtually all necessary components are supplied.
  • Foundation bolts and nuts and clamping plates for the CTT-HV1-xxx crane console system will be provided.
  • It must be possible to connect and operate the locks and the release cylinder from the crane’s control valve.
  • Detailed instructions for the installation and component declaration are included with the system.
  • Low weight – The weight of a CTT-HV1-380 crane console system, that can be used up to 45 Tm. The crane is only 185 kg. incl. foundation bolts.

Hydraulic locking device CTT-HKL-1-160

CT Trading has supplied detachable crane consoles since 1999

  • Type designation CTT-xx-H.
  • The crane consoles have a capacity of up to 50 Tm.
  • Based on the CTT-xx-H crane console system, the CTT-HV1-xxx crane consoles have been developed and the self-weight has been reduced significantly.
  • In the pictures below, the CTT-xx-H crane console is shown.
  • The CTT-xx-H crane console system was discontinued in 2011 and replaced by the CTT-HV1-xxx crane console system.

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